Sandbach School

The Background
Attending a Big Band concert at Sandbach School, Blueye’s MD and FD experienced a wonderful evening of superb entertainment and musicianship, with only one disappointment – a half-full house. The next day, we wrote to John Barber, the school’s Head of Music, to offer our help to pull in audiences worthy of the production.

The Brief
We felt the school’s high quality productions needed marketing to match. They needed an identity and some bespoke design and print to reflect the professionalism of the players and staff.

The Solution
We created a joint identity for drama and music, which also separated into individual logos with a constant theme. We designed a unique logo for the Big Band and created bespoke programmes and posters themed for each production.

The Result
“Instead of black & white photocopies, our programmes are now full colour, beautifully designed and always sell out. We now play to full houses regularly and we’ve been so impressed with Blueye’s work, they’re now involved in our 1677 Club activity, which will hopefully raise £330,000 for the school.”

John Barber, Head of Music, Sandbach School

Sandbach School Sample Image Sandbach School Sample Image Sandbach School Sample Image Sandbach School Sample Image Sandbach School Sample Image
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