Aspects Furniture

The Brief
To create a new brand identity, website and opening sale campaign for Aspects, a re-branded furniture retailer based in Macclesfield.

The Solution
Aspects pride themselves on service and quality as well as value for money, so we wanted to create something that exuded quality as well as cost effectiveness. We also wanted to give consumers a friendly brand they could engage with and trust rather than one they would choose on price alone.

The Creative
We used simple, classic red and grey colours with an easy-reading tone of voice and a website that focused on giving the customer home furnishing ideas rather than just isolated product information to build confidence and gain trust from new customers.

The Result
“We wanted a brand that would really make us stand out in a cluttered marketplace and develop into something people could connect with over the long term. Our website needed to be live within weeks of the new company being formed. Blueye delivered on both counts.”

Heather Hiley, Aspects Partner

Aspects Furniture Sample Image Aspects Furniture Sample Image Aspects Furniture Sample Image Aspects Furniture Sample Image
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