Direct Marketing


Are you reaching the converted?

Your customers are your company’s biggest asset.  They’re the people who like your brand, product, service or company so much, they bought into it.  But what are you doing about maximising potential sales from your hottest prospects?

Direct marketing is your route to the people who are most likely to buy from you.  It’s personal, it’s targeted and unlike broadcast media, it focuses the customer entirely on one thing; your message.  By using the information in your database, you can individualise a message to your customer to make it specific, relevant and personal.

And with the development of the web, direct marketing is becoming an increasingly important tactic in turning leads into customers by developing relationships through building credibility and confidence.

Call Chris for the inside story on how direct marketing generates more sales.

Data management, Direct mail, Email, PURL’s, Remarketing, SMS text messaging

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