Customer Relationship Management


Customer Engagement

Who are we speaking to? How are we speaking to them?

At Blueye Media we never underestimate the power of advocacy. We have seen too many clients focusing on getting new business and, when asked to help them to do so, we have helped them realise that keeping an existing customer brings their business up to five times more value than a new customer.

A fast changing economy means fast changing customer needs, but to connect with your customer means a better understanding of what their needs and wants are. This can be done by gathering detailed data on where your customers are coming from, what they think of your business, why they visited your business, would they recommend you, etc. We can offer you cost effective resources and solutions to help you follow your customers’ journey to bring data intelligence together and to improve customer engagement.

The savviest Blueye Media clients are not only speaking with their customers through traditional channels but also through their social networking pages. ‘Likers and ‘Followers’ are not excluded from our recommended data management process. To achieve engagement with these groups generally eats away at precious time. We can recommend a strategy and process on how to manage this on a daily basis or even manage it for you.

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