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By Nicola Haworth

May 11, 2012


We’ve Moved

We moved – come and check us out

We’ve thrown things up in the air at Blueye Media and landed
in Sandbach – at the rather fantastic Edwin Foden Business Centre.

We’re all really excited and ready for the next phase for
Blueye Media, which is also celebrating its first anniversary.

Why I hear you ask – broadband we say and lots more of it!
Great motorway connections, a van that delivers sandwiches and the chance to
mingle more with our clients. Why not check out our website and then come and
check us out!

We look forward to hearing from you..

Our New Contact Details;

Blueye Media
Suite 16
Edwin FodenBusiness Centre
Moss Lane
Cheshire CW11 3AE

T: 01270 766567


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By Jen Grayson

Dec 19, 2011


Good Luck Lucy!

Our curly-haired marketing guru Lucy Beckett departed Blueye Media on Friday to have a Bouncing Baby Beckett.  Account Director Lucy has negotiated a 12-month ‘sabbatical’ to have her first baby, despite our MD Chris being convinced she’ll be back by next March.

Lucy confessed, “I was nervous about relaying the news of my pregnancy to the boss, but he seems to think I’ll be bored after a couple of weeks and be pining for deadlines, media schedules and client meetings.  Ignorance is bliss, as they say.”

Lucy, who heads up (our) Blueye’s retail account team, will be adding a fourth child to the agency which has produced 3 beautiful bundles of job in recent months; Annabelle Weaver, Emmie Mason and Evie Goddard.

Good luck Lucy! We’ll miss you!

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