Company history


The desire to create something brilliant

Selling ad space for the local newspaper group for a few years, a young ad exec called Steve Talbot is becoming increasingly disillusioned with poor design, shoddy typesetting and bad spelling. So disillusioned that he decides to act and take control.

In 1979, Stephen Talbot Advertising (STA) is born; born out of the frustration of poor quality advertising and the desire to create something better than just average, something brilliant.

Fast forward nearly 30 years. Chris and Sarah Furness, whose hard work and passion have helped STA grow, have that same desire to offer more to clients, something more creative, something integrated.

Chris and Sarah complete a management buyout in 2007 and begin recruiting new people and bringing new skills into the agency.

In March 2011 Blueye Media is created and the new brand for STA is born. But we still hold the same aspirations the agency has always had; the desire to create something better, something brilliant.

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